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In 2009, we are pleased to announce a major upgrade to our FP32 software, Version 9, which features E-pad digital signature capture and storage for Patient Diagnosis Sheets/informed consent; Live Chat feature within the actual software; SQL database management and support for our new wireless keypad (part of the GoProbe System).

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Florida Probe’s software and equipment seamlessly integrate into your practice management workflow. We link with over 40 different Practice Management Software providers, including Dentrix, DSN Software, Eaglesoft, PRACTICEWORKS, and SOFTDENT.

Florida Probe Linking Instructions




DSN Software


EXACT *link location only

Exquise *link location only (they charge €430 + taxes)


MaxiDent *link location only (they charge $595 CAD)

Open Dental



SOFTDENT (they charge $1100)


Listed below are the names and websites of some of the other practice management software that we link to.

Listed below are names and websites of the cloud-based software that we link to.

Our products are available globally Version 9 is here!