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In 2009, we are pleased to announce a major upgrade to our FP32 software, Version 9, which features E-pad digital signature capture and storage for Patient Diagnosis Sheets/informed consent; Live Chat feature within the actual software; SQL database management and support for our new wireless keypad (part of the GoProbe System).

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periodontal disease prevention

Welcome to Florida Probe’s RDH Zone.
We’re glad you’re here!

This area of our site is dedicated to the main users of Florida Probe products - the dental hygienist. It’s our goal to provide you with information about periodontal disease and the best way to monitor and diagnose it. We hope that you can also share this information with your colleagues and patients.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us at We are excited to support your use of our products and look forward to hearing from you!

Click here for a personal note from Angie Stone, RDH, one of our contributors. You may identify with the struggles she has faced in trying to monitor her patients’ periodontal health.

Hi, my name is Angie Stone and I’ve been a practicing RDH for 12 years. I feel I am a competent clinician and that my patients receive the best possible periodontal monitoring and treatment, when necessary. However, I have not always felt that way.

While I have always known the importance of monitoring my patients’ periodontal health, I just wasn’t able to do it as effectively as I wanted. Charting took several minutes away from my actual treatment time and I could never really spare that time. Once I did chart, I needed to explain to the patient what all of those numbers meant! Most patients seemed to tune me out after about a minute. I just knew there must be a better way than what I had been taught in hygiene school. Then I discovered Florida Probe.

I incorporated Florida Probe into my periodontal protocol approximately two years ago. Now I am able to probe and chart patients when they need it and I can do it all alone! Not only that, Florida Probe’s software is interactive and engaging. This helps me to keep patients interested in learning about periodontal disease. My professional life and the lives of my patients have been improved through the use of Florida Probe.

I encourage you to spend some time clicking around the website to learn about all the ways the Florida Probe and Go-Probe Systems can advance your periodontal protocol and the health of your patients.

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The Role of Technology in Periodontal Evaluation and Treatment Acceptance
A Registered Dental Hygienist talks about how the Florida Probe has helped her educate her patients about periodontal disease.

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