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In 2009, we are pleased to announce a major upgrade to our FP32 software, Version 9, which features E-pad digital signature capture and storage for Patient Diagnosis Sheets/informed consent; Live Chat feature within the actual software; SQL database management and support for our new wireless keypad (part of the GoProbe System).

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What is the GoProbe® System?
Our new GoProbe System includes the same powerful software (FP32) as the Florida Probe System, but it allows you to use any periodontal probe and our new wireless keypad as the input device for your perio charting and record creation during perio exams. The system will increase patient treatment acceptance and generate new hygiene revenue for your practice.

System Attributes:
  • Live Chat Support From Within the Software
  • Needs Only One Operator
  • Wireless, Fast Data Entry
  • Works with any Manual Probe
  • Increases Patient Acceptance of Periodontal Therapies
  • Allows You to Quickly Identify Adjunctive Therapy Areas
  • Creates Legal Record and Informed Consent
  • Bridges with over 40 Practice Management systems
  • Economically Priced for GP Practices
How It Increases Patient Treatment Acceptance
and Your Bottom Line
  • Pre-Exam Videos Educate Patient
  • “Talking” Software Engages Patient
  • Sounds and Images Generated During Exam Create
    Co-Diagnosis Effect
  • Picture-Oriented, Color-Coded Charts Increase Patient Understanding
  • Post-Exam Handouts Reinforce Patient Understanding
  • Risk Assessment Screening Makes It Relevant to Patient

The GoProbe® System does for hygiene and perio production what the intra-oral camera has done for crown and bridge acceptance.
The GoProbe Wireless Keypad is so easy to use, you can even ask the patient to input the numbers as you probe! This also assists in further engaging the patient in the diagnostic process.

Not sure which system is right for you?

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Dolphin Disposable
new GoProbe arm and leg strap with 4x6 barrier film
Our products are available globally Version 9 is here!