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In 2009, we are pleased to announce a major upgrade to our FP32 software, Version 9, which features E-pad digital signature capture and storage for Patient Diagnosis Sheets/informed consent; Live Chat feature within the actual software; SQL database management and support for our new wireless keypad (part of the Go-Probe System).

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Here's what some Florida Probe owners have to say:

“I have used the Florida Probe in my practice for almost ten years. It is invaluable not only as a timesaver, but as a tool to make patients see the need for treatment. This is a no-brainer.”
– Joseph P. Trovato, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.

“For me, as a periodontal therapist, the Florida Probe provided a complete emancipation. It helped the patient take ownership of their periodontal condition, which enhanced case acceptance. It alleviated stress because I was not waiting on an additional person to assist me with data gathering and documenting. At the end of a clinical day, my energy levels were greater because I was not trying to convince people of needed treatment! They were taking control and action over their own health, and I was able to provide the needed care, which is very rewarding!”
Shelly Short, RDH, M.S.

“The Florida Probe has been one of the best technological investments we have ever made. The consistent accuracy of this instrument has made it invaluable to our practice. The patient can understand the periodontal findings because of the color printout given to them. Treatment acceptance has been greatly enhanced because of the Florida Probe.”
Tom M. McDougal, D.D.S.

“My greatest challenge as a dental hygienist is helping patients understand they have a disease that not only can lead to tooth loss, but also negatively effects their overall health. The Florida Probe makes this task so much easier for me by educating the patient every step of the way with easily understood voice call-outs of pocket depth and bleeding sites, detailed visual graphics, printable patient education material and videos. My patients are healthier because they finally "get it" and accept treatment. The Florida Probe has given our hygiene department the greatest ROI not just in terms of dollars by increasing case acceptance, but also by improving our patients’ health. That's what it’s really all about!” Debbie Chadderdon, RDH

“One of the most significant problems in the case management of periodontal disease is the failure of clinicians to monitor clinical outcomes and identify patients whose periodontal status is deteriorating. Florida Probe’s most recent upgrade has incorporated the ability to track changes in pocket depth, clinical attachment, bleeding on probing, and other diagnostic parameters. As a result, clinicians now have at hand a calibrated, systematic way to monitor periodontal stability. This is one of the greatest technological advancements and evidence-based approaches to the case management of periodontal disease to come along in years.” Casey Hein, RDH, MBA

“In my opinion, the Florida Probe is one of the best examples of a whole new category of digital diagnostic instruments. The Florida Probe is faster and more accurate than conventional probing and the patients find it fascinating. It also has one feature which really makes it stand out from a lot of new high-tech devices I have tried-it works!” Larry Emmott, D.D.S.

“I have been using the Florida Probe for almost 8 years. Compared with other dental software perio charts it is the “gold standard”. No other charting graphics program has ever made it so easy for me to educate patients about their periodontal health. All of my patients are impressed with the "talking computer" that gives them personalized information about their own mouths. If the patient needs periodontal therapy, treatment acceptance has been upwards of 95%. I also love the way Florida Probe continues to improve their software, making the graphics and data analysis unbeatable.”
Val Walser, RDH

“I have used the Florida Probe for over seven years and it enables me to help my patients track their progress through therapy in the same reproducible manner that many research projects utilize.”
Stanley S. Levsky, D.D.S., M.S.

“I am a traveling hygienist. I have the Florida Probe system that I take with me to my offices. I cannot count on having assistance with charting periodontal information. With the FP I feel comfortable with being able to record, save, and print as many copies as needed for the insurance company, the office, and for the patient with a tap of my foot. Patients can hear the probings as the hygienist measures. This is a great educational program. There are short education clips that can be played while you develop films. These are a few of the easy-to-learn program benefits.”
Joyce Spieler, CDA, RDH

“The Florida Probe was a blessing for our patients and for our practice. It is a very reliable probe, technically. Generally, the periodontal patient does not listen to his dentist, but he listens to the voice of Florida Probe and watches the clear graphics showing pocket depth, bleeding, plaque, etc. After a Florida Probe session, patients will come back with dramatically improved oral hygiene, because they finally understand the dynamics of plaque and inflammation and they ask for treatment. Our proportion of non-surgical perio revenue jumped 100% since 1999, when we implemented Florida Probe. The real value for the patient is that because he understands his problem earlier and better, he acts (prevents bone loss) earlier.”
Dr. Istvan Budai, DDS

“We have been using the Florida Probe for over 5 years now and absolutely love it. Our patients understand that we use it for detail and accuracy, and it has helped educate them at the same time. They know when they hear a pocket depth that is unhealthy and they see it on the monitor. The on-screen is easy for them to relate to and easy to understand. My staff loves the Florida Probe because it has simplified our day and made the paperwork much easier. It eliminates inaccuracies and it gives us detailed information from which to compare. It has sped up our hygiene visits and been a tremendous addition for our hygienist.”
Brooks Haney DDS


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