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In 2009, we are pleased to announce a major upgrade to our FP32 software, Version 9, which features E-pad digital signature capture and storage for Patient Diagnosis Sheets/informed consent; Live Chat feature within the actual software; SQL database management and support for our new wireless keypad (part of the Go-Probe System).

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Florida Probe Handpiece: At-a-glance

The Florida Probe Handpiece is no ordinary periodontal probe. In fact, you can measure periodontal pockets faster and more accurately with our constant-force, computerized probe. Instead of having to try and read the 1mm bands on a manual probe and estimate pocket depth, just bring the blue sleeve on the Florida Probe Handpiece down to the gingival margin, tap the footswitch, and your numerical data is recorded, with no guessing and no assistant needed to write down numbers.

Constant-Force, Automated Probing
FP Handpiece tip as it enters the sulcus.   FP Handpiece tip with constant force in use (tip at bottom of sulcus) and sleeve properly positioned at the top of the gingival margin allowing the computer to measure the difference (3.0 mm).

The FP Handpiece tip is positioned at the bottom of the sulcus and the sleeve is at the gingival margin
(15 gm of constant force is in effect).

RDH is performing a periodontal exam using the automated, computerized probe (FP Handpiece).
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